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About Us


In 2007 Anders and Anne Holch Povlsen established Wildland Limited to help take forward the conservation, protection and sustainable development of some of Scotland’s most rugged, precious and beautiful landscapes. Across three iconic regions of the Scottish Highlands, the Wildland project is dedicated to the restoration and vitality of one of the UK’s greatest land holdings.

Whether it’s a love of Scotland’s epic landscapes, a simple passion for wildlife or a deep conviction that we must do all we can to protect vulnerable habitats and ecosystems, you can rest assured that Wildland also thinks all this should be of overriding importance.

Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.


We Inspire

A vision shared

From acquiring the first estate in 2006, to the subsequent incorporation of Wildland Limited, there has been such progress in a short period of time. It’s not just words. Across all of the estates we have underway projects that we are deeply passionate about. Projects that will be realised beyond our own lifetime, projects in partnership with recognised experts in their field, projects for the express benefit of our visitors – each with the capacity to provoke a genuine sense of wonder. There’s an open invitation to come see, be inspired, and in doing so, support us in what we seek to achieve.

We Preserve

Not frozen in time, protected, enduring…

The language of Wildland’s long-term vision is conservation, restoration, and rehabilitation. It all comes down to the same thing: whether we’re focused towards the land, traditional crafts or businesses bringing new ways and new skills to the Highlands, the properties, or the people who work with us or live alongside our estates, we are fundamentally committed to nature, history, and the future of communities old and new.

It’s not one thing, it’s everything. Each individual thread woven to become a part of Wildland’s rich tapestry. The scale of the vision is staggering and even the smallest project on our most remote estate is important in its capacity to inform the whole. Whilst progress can sometimes seem glacial, each year that passes ensures that more and more of the big picture begins to reveal itself.

It’s nothing less than a privilege to be guardian of such an opportunity. It’s not complicated, it’s not a burden. It is what we are honoured and humbled to be able to invest towards.

We Thrive

Having a purpose, a higher goal…

Wildland believes in doing business with purpose; doing business in a way that can effect positive change that is more fulfilling and gives us the greatest chance to connect with and contribute to the communities that we are a part of.

Above all, it allows us to develop and implement programmes that are sustainable. Our mission is simple. We take steps now to ensure that we lay foundations that provide us with a platform to build upon over coming years.

We Welcome

An open invitation

If you’re familiar with the Scottish Highlands, you’ll know just how wondrous these epic open spaces can be. If you’re a first-time visitor, you are about to discover something genuinely breath-taking in whatever season you choose to visit.

Whether it’s an enduring passion for Scotland’s traditional outdoor pursuits or a desire for solitude and an opportunity to escape (perhaps to patiently watch wildlife and wait for that dazzling flash of auburn or, to contemplate, surrounded by the beauty of the vast and elemental blue-black mountains), the Wildland estates offer it all. From the grandeur and wonder that the Cairngorm National Park provokes, to the inky peatlands and the powerful, staggering cliffs of the northern coastline, Wildland opens its doors to even the most demanding of expectations. We have a mix of accommodation that spans traditional luxury through to self-catering cottages deep in our many magical mountains and glens.

We Invest

A fund for our sustainable future

The investment towards the rehabilitation of our holdings is significant indeed, and we believe, an obligation. However, through a dedicated subsidiary, Wildland Ventures, we shall increasingly seek out interesting and entrepreneurial projects with the capacity to benefit Wildland and/or the communities that we are a part of. A prime example is our contribution to the funding of the North Coast 500 (NC500) project; a five hundred mile coastal roadway that encompasses some of Scotland’s most stunning and scenic landscapes and encompasses many of the Wildland holdings.

Already regarded as the number one touring route in the world, the NC500 has brought very significant economic benefits to the North Highlands since its launch in 2015, and Wildland would wish to build on the opportunities that have been created for communities and businesses. NC500 is an outstanding example of what can be achieved with ambition and entrepreneurial drive and Wildland Ventures support.