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The epic landscapes and big open spaces of Scotland are a truly wondrous experience and the map above details exactly where in the Highlands Wildland has acquired holdings. Many of these now offer accommodation – the dark green pins highlight exactly where – and others, without any properties yet restored or which are works-in-progress, are still ideal destinations for exploring or indulging traditional Highland pursuits.

There’s a genuine passion for restoring the properties all across the Wildland estates, some little more than long derelict ruins, as well as others which require constant and well-judged maintenance. Whether it’s the traditional opulent splendour of Aldourie Castle, our own unique blend of Scandinavian design and Highland style at Kinloch, or the unexpected chic appeal of the Killiehuntly farmstead in the heart of the Cairngorms, Wildland offers a fascinating variety of places to stay. …at prices designed to suit most expectations and levels of budget.

Whilst the properties encompass a fascinating mix of sizes, architectural styles or historic uses, there is, increasingly, a design language and a stylistic personality that defines the portfolio. Perhaps difficult to quantify in absolute terms, it is the case that each property represents its own unique mix of a Wildland palette of sensitivities.

There is always a nod to the history of a building, an exceptional level of attention-to-detail across the whole of the restoration, spaces within that are both practical and comfortable, spaces accentuated by signature pieces carefully curated and representing a part of a growing collection of design icons – a lived in feel from the very first day we open our doors to guests and, finally, a desire to imbue a unique personality upon a place that our visitors can understand and immediately engage with.

Do contact us and see what all this could mean for you on your next break with us.

The links below provide information about each of the Wildland estates and an increasing number of these now offer accommodation for our visitors.

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