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The Glenfeshie Estate in the heart of the Cairngorm National Park epitomises Wildland’s commitment to the restoration of its holdings.


Estate & Cottage

– Glenfeshie Lodge sleeps 10 –
Fully catered, with personal chef and host on site

– Kennels Cottage sleeps 8 –

– Coire Domhain sleeps 10 –

– Heart of the Cairngorm National Park –
– Modern & traditional Highland activities –

At the heart of the estate sits the Glenfeshie Lodge, a fine baronial manse that is “Highlands” through-and-through and very much the archetypal Victorian shooting lodge. So much so in fact that in recent years the lodge has provided the location for many award-winning films and TV drama series; not least The Queen starring Dame Helen Mirren, Victoria & Abdul with Dame Judi Dench, The Centurion (about the Roman Ninth Legion and starring Clive Owen), Prince Of Thieves, Netflix’s The Crown and, most recently, The Outlaw King (the story of Scots rebel, Robert the Bruce).

The lodge will be available for private lets up to 2020 when we shall commence a two year project to further refurbish the décor, fixtures and fittings of Glenfeshie Lodge and a wing of the building will be rebuilt to match the historic original plans.

A flagship property, Glenfeshie today provides evidence in every direction of nature’s wondrous ability to heal itself. With deer numbers now in balance with the land’s capacity to support them, new trees emerge every year and – instead of being browsed – gain a foothold. Today, a decade after taking charge of the estate and its overabundant herds of deer, there are swathes of new naturally regenerating forest wherever you look. …it is incredibly inspiring.