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Wildland’s vision is to realise a loving restoration of this former manse in the heart of Tongue to become a cool and stylish boutique guesthouse – and to position it as a key stopover destination on Scotland’s North Coast 500 route.



– Currently being restored into a cool and stylish boutique guesthouse –

– Idyllic for the Scotland’s North Coast 500 route –

– Bookings now open for September 2019 – 

Lundies House will open this coming September after two years of remastering the old manse. As it is Wildland’s newest hospitality venture we have put all our combined experience, love and care into creating a stay that will move, touch and inspire our guests. It will feel like you are stepping into a collector’s home. Everything has been curated with a sense of art, creativity, craftsmanship and of course will be complimented with good food made with hand and heart from local produce and Wildland’s own gardens and estates.

Formerly known as the Tongue Manse the house was built it 1842. Latterly the house became known as Lundies locally, named after the Reverend Lundie who was one of the first ministers to live in the building. Today the former manse is recognised as a category B listed building, adjacent to the A listed St. Andrew’s Church where the good reverend preached.

The décor and interiors will be as distinctive as all of the Wildland properties are and will provide four bedrooms in the main house and a further four bedrooms in the courtyard steading. All stays will be bookable on an individual room basis.

If you would like to enquire about booking a stay at Lundies please email where one of our bookings team will be more than happy to help.

Lundies is not some Highland lodge steeped in history or a landmark building out in the centre of some epic landscape. It is in the centre of this small Scottish village and in that respect we are especially proud of it. It’s a project that is first and foremost a part of its community, a chance for Wildland’s guests to enjoy hospitality nestled in the heart of an established but also vulnerable village. One of several initiatives Wildland is taking to help revive the economic and social prosperity of the area.

Our ambition is for Lundies House to become a landmark asset for its community, bringing revenue into the local economy and providing quality jobs for the people of Tongue and surrounding villages.

We have taken to posting photographs of the work-in-progress underway at Lundies on a dedicated Instagram account,, which you can also access directly here. Lundies also has its own dedicated website which you can access here