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Strathmore Estate is a truly epic landscape, boasting awe-inspiring ancient structures, the most northern Old Caledonian Pine Forest remnants, with rivers and a loch rich in fish. Strathmore is the gateway into the majestic Hope Estate with its iconic Munro Ben Hope and Loch Hope. It is a place to escape, a hideaway, deeply rooted to the land and connected with nature.



– Strathmore Lodge sleeps 6 –

– Self-catering –

– Traditional Highland activities –

– Fishing on the Strathmore & Loch Hope –

– Extensive native woodlands –

– Dornaigil Broch –

– Nearby Ben Hope Munro –

Whilst still in the design/development stages of the project, Wildland’s longer term vision for Strathmore cluster includes the restoration of four traditional dwellings providing self-catering accommodation for up to six people.

The first of these, Strathmore Lodge, is now ready offering three fine double bedrooms, a cosy living room with a feature cast iron fireplace and a truly lovely kitchen. It’s a wonderful space and why don’t you be amongst the first to experience its unique charm.

The buildings will all feature a modern and signature take on the use of corrugated iron, which is a direct reference to historic design styles on this estate, but will boast interiors and décor inspired by a distinctively Bloomsbury tone of voice.

We are taking a certain delight in this being a truly off-grid development – there’s no electricity other than what we can generate ourselves.

Strathmore is the perfect base for those that love the outdoors and all of the traditional Highland’s pursuits. The fishing here is exceptional. The Strathmore River is renowned for its salmon runs and the south end of Loch Hope is rich with sea trout. Wildland keeps boats on this loch for the use of those that wish to fish here.

With an eye towards our conservation work across the whole of Wildland, it is interesting to note that the most northerly remnant of the Old Caledonian Pine Forest is on this estate. We shall be considering carefully the steps we can take to allow this forest to gain an ever greater hold on its landscape.

Historically too Strathmore is important. Dornaigil Broch is one of the most famous of these ancient structures. It’s awe-inspiring and compelling in equal measure and makes one want to know more about what these stone monuments were once used for. Wildland is proud to have become its custodian and is committed to ensuring that it will still be a feature of the landscape for many more years to come.