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“Our deepest concern is the wellbeing of our natural world and we see no greater cause than to work for the healing and protection of its wild and beautiful nature. Nature provides us and our wider communities with everything we really need,  giving mankind the opportunities and quality of life that we enjoy. However, a deeper understanding, respect and humility in our approach towards our natural world is needed. 

A short while back, a bright young lady stood up and said “our house is on fire”.  And now the Amazonian rainforest is actually on fire – it’s not an emergency – it’s a catastrophe like few others we have ever faced.

At WildLand – we do what we can and find out how we can help. For more than a decade now, we have been focused on regenerating our land, forests and associated ecosystems – helping them restore their full potential. We are making places where people can stay and be part of what we are doing. We do this work to address some of the most critical issues of our time: the climate crisis, significant biodiversity loss and extensive pollution of the oceans.

This is our company’s primary objective, to help accelerate change, use our voice and actions to both drive meaningful impact and make real and tangible progress. It is urgent work but we are determined and we are here for the long term.”

Anders Holch Povlsen

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