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Over recent weeks we’ve had some fascinating conversations with our guests staying at Kinloch Lodge, the Killiehuntly Farmhouse and also our new wilderness cottage up at Kyle and, for whatever reason, they’ve all had the same thing to say.

In a nutshell, the feeling seems to be that if guests have been out on the hillsides all day, trekking or even climbing Munros, whether they’ve been down on the river fishing, or even off site for the day and playing a round of golf on one of Scotland’s many acclaimed courses, it’s been the quality of our breakfasts that have helped get them through their day.

I myself, staying in The Hayloft at Killiehuntly, went for an early morning run in the Cairngorm National Park and found myself past the mythical 10,000 steps daily target before breakfast – and there’s no doubt whatsoever that the breakfast left waiting for me was just what I needed to underpin the rest of my day’s exertions.

…just in case you’re wondering, I ended up with 45,000 steps which translates to mean roughly 40/45 kilometers run or walked across the course of the day… …40/45 kilometres amidst the most beautiful scenery you’re likely to encounter anywhere.

Anyway, back to breakfast.

I’ve asked the team at Killiehuntly to provide me with recipes for breakfasts you can make yourself at home (perhaps while you await your own opportunity to have us make it for you when you visit next):

Firstly, Killiehuntly Granola

Ingredients & Measurements

1kg Oats
400g Almonds, roughly chopped
400g Hazelnuts, roughly chopped
300g Mixed seeds (sunflower, pumpkin, flax…)
1kg Liquid honey


– Mix everything thoroughly
– Spread on 4 trays, lined with baking paper
– 180 C, fan oven, 10 minutes
– Bake and stir every 3 – 5 minutes till golden
– Let cool completely before storing in an airtight container

…and if four trays are too much to contemplate, just divide the ingredients accordingly and make the amount that suits you.

Also, Killiehuntly Orange Marmalade

Ingredients & Measurements:

800g Oranges
1kg Sugar
1 Vanilla pod
2 Lemons


– Wash the oranges and remove any green stalk
– Put oranges in a pot and cover with cold water
– Bring to the boil and simmer until oranges are soft (about 2 hours)
– Drain the oranges and cut in quarters to remove any seeds
– Add the oranges to a food processor or mixer and mix into a puree
– Add the puree into a pot and mix with sugar and seeds from the vanilla pod
– Bring to the boil and simmer for about 30 min
– Add the lemon juice and fill into sterilised jars

We all hope that you enjoy making these delicious typically Scottish breakfast treats and there’s an open invitation to get in touch, to come visit us and stay, and try these breakfasts and much more too. There’s accommodation across the estates to suit all budgets and the team here will do all we can to make your stay truly special.