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All across the Wildland estates are world class conservation initiatives laying foundations for the restoration of each of our holdings. These initiatives include projects with The Forestry Commission, Cairngorms National Park, Scottish Natural Heritage, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB); as well as Dundee and Aberdeen universities.

“Tactful advocacy, persuasion, passion and promoting public support became the tools of my trade.”

Dr Richard Balharry MBE
Conservationist, writer and wildlife photographer.

One of our biggest collaborations to date is with Cairngorms Connect, a partnership of neighbouring land managers, committed to a bold and ambitious 200-year vision to enhance habitats, species and ecological processes across a vast area within the Cairngorms National Park. As an interesting aside, Wildland owns 48% of land mass within the Cairngorm area.

The strength of Cairngorms Connect is the coming together of like-minded managers committed to delivering habitat enhancement at a scale unparalleled in Britain, covering 600 of contiguous land dedicated to wildlife.

In ways large and small, Wildland is currently contributing an average £20 million per annum into the Highlands economy and local communities in particular. This includes employment, major works on and across our estates, acquisitions and supporting local businesses and local producers.

Projects don’t have to be all about the regeneration of the land either, or the conservation of wildlife and its habitats, we are keen – in fact genuinely passionate – about opportunities to nurture arts, crafts and design in the Highlands.

Our properties epitomise a distinct style that really blends Scandinavian simplicity with Highland tradition and if we find ourselves able to sponsor, mentor, or even fund commercially viable creative projects we shall seize the opportunity to do so.

We are also exploring the potential for exploiting our relationships with corporate businesses to fund – and participate in – the realisation of other carefully considered projects with a genuine capacity to contribute to the bigger picture.