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Wildland are very proud of our working pony history. Traditional working ponies are used at Braeroy, Glenfeshie and Gaick to take deer and game off the hill during the stalking and grouse shooting seasons. In more recent times, we have devised the pleasure of taking guests out on our famous ‘Pony Picnic’  – where we saddle the ponies up and pack our lunches in traditional wicker panniers and head out deep into the hills of Gaick for a spot of fishing and lunch cooked on the open fire.
We have a well-established ongoing inhouse breeding programme at Braeroy and more recently we have started the Wildland stud. We welcome the next generation in the form of Fearna of WildLand (Fearna is Scots’ Gaelic for Alder), a beautiful black filly born on the 30th May to mum Holly. It was a wet and wild morning and poor little Fearna was soaked through after her 4am arrival. The Gaick team bundled her and mum up and got her into the stable on a bed of hay, where she quickly dried off and showed us all how cute she is!
We have high hopes that Fearna will be one of many more Wildland ponies and very much hope to eventually expand our pony pursuits with the addition of some riding being offered from Killiehuntly – watch this space!
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