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Eriboll Church is an old Presbyterian church on the former Eriboll Estate. When the church came into Wildland’s custodianship, it was in need of an extensive refurbishment programme. A full restoration of the church was undertaken in late 2018 and completed in November 2019.

To mark this new chapter in the church’s story, a service of dedication and Christmas carols was held on Monday 16th December to celebrate the church’s restoration and new beginnings. It was a beautiful winter’s night; with brilliant clear starry skies above and the landscape white with frost.

Local Reverend Simon Matthews conducted the service and spoke of new birth and the greatness of the natural theatre (of the landscape and world) that we find ourselves in.  

Wildland were delighted to be joined by the Big Sing Choir and Farr High School choir who really brought the church to life with their magnificent performance of the carols including Ding Dong Merrily on High and Dona Nobis Pacem (Grant us Peace). A particular highlight was the accompaniment of traditional and classical instruments which added a really special touch to the service.

A biblical reading was given by local community member Rachel Parrott and Wildland’s CEO Tim Kirkwood spoke of new beginnings and dedications, highlighting some of the Wildland’s goals including helping fight the climate emergency which the planet is facing.

It was remarkable to see the church transformed. New lead windows have been added. Soft colours and fresh plaster now replace the old dark wooden walls. Original features restored. All came together in a simplistic way, presenting a soothing and calming peacefulness.

A festive touch had been added with handmade natural decorations of holly and pine leaves adorned with pine cones and red berries, whilst candles lit up the windows and hung in chandeliers from above.

The service was closed with a blessing by Reverend Simon Mathews, followed by delicious homemade mince pies, mulled wine and hot apple refreshments.

Wildland would like to say a big thank you to all who made the service possible and so special; Reverend Simon Matthews, Farr High School Choir, The Big Sing Choir and musicians, Rachel Parrott and the staff at Wildland.

Furthermore we would like to dedicate the service to the local community of Tongue and Durness who joined us in celebration.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas.