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Alongside the launch of this new website, an overview of Wildland’s projects all across the Scottish Highlands, we have also taken steps to give the project its own all-emcompassing brand identity.

Very much not wanting an identity that is in any way corporate, we have chosen to adopt a symbol for the project that is hand-drawn (or rather hand-painted in watercolour), compiles as many illustrations of Scottish wildlife and the ecosystems that provides their home as we could fit in, and which also reflects the human and tangible nature of the project that we are all proud to be a part of.

A selection of the illustrations – as well as the final version of the Wildland symbol – are featured below; there’s red deer of course, salmon and trout, pine marten, birdlife, flora and, of course, the iconic Caledonian Pine.

Our plan is to further develop the use of individual elements within the overall symbol as opportunities present themselves and we look forward now very much to seeing the new branding in use across the estates.