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On the 28th & 29th of June 2019 Wildland hosted a fishing event at Loch Hope and Loch Eriboll to celebrate the International Year of the Salmon. At Wildland we believe it is crucial to educate younger generations on the nature that resides in and around their local communities and the habitats in which native species, such as salmon, thrive.

Pupils from Farr High School joined us for the day at Loch Hope to learn about the habitat and lifecycle of fish and insect species which are present in Loch Hope. The day was a great success which involved educational talks, casting lessons and pond dipping. The evening part of the event was hosted in the Kyle Centre in Tongue and consisted of talks given by Mark Bilsby from the Atlantic Salmon Trust, Chris Conroy with his groundbreaking research on the Ness water system and Gordon Sim of Loop Tackle Design.

The following day we held a beach clean-up which started from Ard Neakie, a tombolo once used to quarry limestone with four limekilns which were built in 1840. In the afternoon everyone involved enjoyed a barbeque on the shore at the beautiful Loch Hope.

Wildland are pleased to give their thanks to everyone who came along and got involved and we hope to hold similar events like this in the future.

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