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Every guest who drives through the gates of Lundies House is very special to us, but sometimes our team gets to welcome some very important people indeed. 

This week, the team at Lundies was delighted to welcome pupils from Tongue Primary School for a visit to our newly renovated guesthouse. Accompanied by their teacher, Mrs Stokes, we took these curious young minds on a tour of our restored manse and steading as part of their studies in architecture and historical buildings. Sutherland has a rich collection of old and important buildings, some with a history stretching back thousands of years.

Wildland is committed to playing its part in preserving, protecting and restoring the buildings under our custodianship. In addition to Lundies, we recently undertook significant work at Caisteal Bharraich in Tongue in partnership with Historic Environment Scotland. The site is now an attraction for visitors and the wider community to enjoy.

Who knows, maybe some day one of these bright pupils might grow up to help Wildland with its ambitious programme of restoration in northern Sutherland? Until then, it is always a pleasure to welcome our neighbours to see our work. 

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