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When visiting Glenfeshie Estate you have the opportunity to experience a wild landscape in the making. 
Glenfeshie Estate holds 45,000 acres that is the centre of an ambitious privately undertaken 200-year vision to enhance habitats, species and ecological processes within the Cairngorms National Park. The landscape of Glenfeshie Estate is the landscape of superlatives: Ancient Caledonian woodlands intersected by sparkling rivers and lochs, encircle by a mountain-massif which is the most extensive and wildest of its kind in the UK. It is a place where golden eagles soar, wildcats prowl and red squirrels forage. Glenfeshie is home to plants, birds and mammals found in only a few other places in the UK.

Glenfeshie Estate belongs to WildLand Limited. The company is based in Aviemore with significant landholdings in Scotland and is committed to delivering habitat enhancement at a scale unparalleled in its scope, scale and timeframe in the UK. Over the coming years we plan to re-establish native woodlands to their natural limits, including high-altitude montane woodland. To restore peatlands, wetlands and rivers and at the same time build support and understanding locally, nationally and internationally. By staying at Glenfeshie you are supporting important work for nature across a vast area.

Glenfeshie Estate is not only part of the history of Scotland. It is also an important part of the Danish owner’s life. The estate was love at first sight and it was the first step toward a fantastic undertaking bringing back the original natural habitats and wildlife of the area, as well as bringing momentum in the traditional Scottish hospitality industry for private estates. A stay at one of the estate’s three properties is most certainly an experience that will not be easily forgotten. It will stay with you for many years and bring a smile to your face when you think of the landscape and the splendour of the Lodge.

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