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Wildland has just invested towards providing one of its estate rangers, Ronan Dugan, with a state-of-the-art professional camera so that he might photograph for us not just the incredible scenic landscapes that are part-and-parcel of his job, all across the seasons, but also the wildlife that he is just as likely to encounter.

One of Ronan’s first opportunities to test the new kit was to photograph Wildland’s programme to satellite tag raptors – birds of prey – across the estates.

The ensuing shoot captured stunning images of Golden eagles in flight, as well as young eagle chicks still in their nests (and now safely tagged).

We were also able to tag five young Harrier chicks in a single nest.

For obvious reasons we won’t go into detail as to exactly where these nests are, but visitors to the Highlands and on many of the Wildland estates that we can offer accommodation, seeing golden eagles and other birds of prey isn’t at all an unlikely encounter. That said, seeing eagles soaring on summer thermals or swooping towards prey they’ve spotted from above is the highlight of so many visitors to the Highlands and we trust that these images inspiring you to plan you’re own trip ‘up North’.

If you’re giving thought to where you might stay, do contact us as Wildland has accommodation to suit all budgets, some of it entirely off-grid and amidst the most dramatic landscapes imaginable.

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