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Assynt Foundation, the community led charity that owns and manages the 44,000 acre Glencanisp and Drumrunie estates in North West Sutherland is pleased to announce that it has received vital support from Wildland Limited. Wildland was established in 2007 by Anders and Anne Holch Povlsen and is taking forward the conservation, protection and sustainable development of some of Scotland’s most rugged, precious and beautiful landscapes.

Assynt Foundation Chairman Lewis MacAskill said;

“It’s no secret that the Foundation has been struggling financially for some time now. A complete financial review was carried out last summer, and the outcome of that has been the development of a Forward Business Plan with detailed financial projections. The Plan outlines how the Foundation will develop our existing businesses and develop new ones that will in turn allow the Foundation to grow and achieve stand-alone sustainability for the long term”.

The Business Plan identifies the need for working capital, an essential requirement in order to grow any business and so the Foundation have been in active discussions with potential lenders. However, in the interim period, the Foundation urgently requires a life-line of temporary funding until such time as the working capital loan is in place. Following discussion, Wildland Limited have provided an interest free loan to the Foundation that will enable it to remain fully operational until working capital is secured over the next few months.

Mr MacAskill added;

“Wildland recognised early on that the Foundation has a robust business plan in place and consequently responded to a request for a loan on the back of that plan – as six figure business loans go, the offer is an extraordinary one. The primary focus of the Foundation’s  Board of Directors is to achieve financial sustainability that will enable us to deliver our objectives, which place promoting strong communities and the sustainable development of our amazing landscape in an ecologically sensitive way at the heart of what we do”.

Tim Kirkwood, CEO of Wildland Limited said;

“We know from experience how hard it is to make these remote, fragile and important landscapes pay the bills, whilst protecting habitats, generating employment and creating the necessary fabric for the communities involved. Wildland Limited is on this journey and believes it is an important one for current and future generations. Whilst we may go about things slightly differently to the Assynt Foundation, we are supportive of their aims and can help. This ties in with our commitment to people and place in such fragile areas – and in particular those who are trying to make a difference.”

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